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With summer right around the corner, it’s only natural for Los Angeles locals to gear up for some of the hottest pool parties and summer events being thrown by hotels, day clubs and socialites. Like any social atmospheres comes the crowds and waiting in lines. And if you’re a guy good luck with trying to bypass bottle service worth the amount of your rent.

Hey, it’s Hollywood, and no matter how much the changes in dynamics from over six years ago + has decreased the glamorous idea that once was, it’s still the yearly routine until it goes out of style. I use to live for the pool parties thrown by the best promoters in this city where a substantial amount of the elite inner circles within the scene were always at the same known spot. At the time when I had lived in Orange County, an 1 hr drive was worth the gas. Now a days, anything walking around in a bikini or shorts can get in and what once was is no longer.

While skyrocketing rent prices at the same rate of someones mortgage for a home, you’d hope that what your initially paying for goes to more than just the scenery, the convenience of all that is around you and parking if you get that lucky. But what if your building showed a little appreciation towards you? It’s not uncommon,  but not the norm for an apartment building to have a once in a blue moon rooftop pool party for its residents, and that’s exactly what I found when I ran into an old high school friend who invited me to a yearly rooftop event.


The Apex Apartments, are located near the heart of Downtown in the most convenient area of bars, restaurants, shopping and the Staples Center all in walking distance. At the price of 3k-7k for living arrangements, I would never!, I would hope there would be more luxurious amenities that would accommodate the price. Well for this swanky spot there is, and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home. Well actually building.

Once or a couple times out of the year, Apex apartment building will throw its lavish tenants a catered rooftop pool party with activities, music and an open bar.


Sunday Funday couldn’t have been a better fit on a gloomy day, but even with the overcast those who got past security were sent to the roof. As soon as I made it to the party I was then greeted by security and food. The key to unlock my heart at any swanky event is a tray full of food. Though the first round was rabbit sticks in a cup, I was met with the real deal of pulled pork sliders catered by WolfGang Puck. The event started at 1 pm, which I was anxiously requested to arrive by that time, but being fashionably late, Not CPT, has been quite the trend.

The crowd was nothing less than a mature well established and successful group of people at all ages. As small of a bubble Los Angeles can be, I ran into many friendly faces that live right up the street from where I work. There were giant sized checkers games, a nice green lawn where people cooled off by two huge glass jugs of what looked like mint water or more like Mojitos due to its yellowish tint. A case stand filled with sunglasses propped upside the open bar in shades of red, black and white. Doughnut sprinkled Floats and a Merman.…yes a Merman


A live male version of the mystical creatures from the vivid imaginations of mythological lovers. Merman Jax has made a career out of attending parties and events to attract the party goers eyes. Believe it or not, it does add a unique touch to the party and is great for a conversational piece from “What the hell is that” to “Are you able to swim with a fin attached to your legs” . Me? I’d probably drown being that I’m still stuck with knowing how to do the doggy paddle and the frog. I’d suggest not letting the kids pull and tug on this elaborate costume. Adults as it is are already curious as to how the tail was made to fit without possibly slipping off and how movable you are for hours at a time. What better way than to be exclusively invited to a pool party and be the actual center piece. I’d sign on for that! Without the kids.

You can check out Merman Jax website for more information at or find him on your Facebook at .

What’s a pool party without a Mermaid or Merman? Someone has to be in the water since everyone else is too “Hollywood ” to get inside the pool.


Los Angeles Dj Sachi Lee, not only brought the beats playing everything mixed with her personalized spins, but she also added the hottness to the new world of women Djs. Being a Californian native, you’ll find her being booked at some of the swankiest parties and can’t really say that it’s a shitty job when you hold the crown of bringing life to the party. While our Merman is keeping himself cool and dehydrated in the pool, those too cool to expose their spray on suntans are dancing around the water to her list of music.  Clearly she was playing every current song as I noticed circles of friends battling out their dance moves and for myself, I was doing everything from a twerk to a shoulder lean. I say that if you can get me to pause in the midst of a conversation then you’re a damn good Dj. You can find Sachi at where you can get her latest updates and read her blog or at for regular bookings.


Overall I had fun. Funny thing is that earlier in the week I had it set in my mind to lay out by a pool with a Margarita in hand and as they say what ever you put out into the universe, so will it be. So maybe I should continue manifesting all of my Sundays that way. I wouldn’t mind that.


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