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If you’re coming here from my Thank you speech, awesome. That’ll give you a bit more insight into my more vulnerable approach as to why I decided to focus this entire event in my Wow Wednesday.

This past week has just been the bliss of my year thus far and I can’t even fathom what else is in store.

In my thank you speech, I reflected on why I became a social blogger which has allowed me to find a passion in an area that I never attempted in placing myself in. Finding a new niché in order to continue what I’ve been striving to achieve that seemed at a distance to reach; and then this came into my universe.


The Vanity Fair Social Club was the talk of all social bloggers, media influencers, Oscar nominees and social gurus. To be a part of such a core dynamic group of individuals that make up the social world that we’re currently in was the highlight of the year; and this is only the beginning.

I was already building up anxiety once I received the email stating that I had officially gained access into such an exclusive social society that could help leverage my goals.

Each day was scheduled with a panel of guest speakers during different hours; a generous gifting suits, pampering stations, photo booths, an open bar, happy hour and a lot of tweeting. Enough to give you carpal tunnel in the fingers.


For the first day, I surely didn’t know what to expect, but I definitely wanted to make a good impression. I will say that this was the first time that I was reluctant in using a valet service. Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely do not like leaving my property in the hands of another stranger, but I sucked it up and handed them my keys. Right when Lauren and I saw the wall of VFSC we felt as if we really did arrive. I was ecstatic, I felt alive and a rush of so many emotions. Because for the first time in my life aside from my T-Mobile experience in media branding,  I was being acknowledged for a craft that I truly am passionate about and possibly over acting.


Everything was Vanity Fair. The walls, the elevator and even the air we breathed. On the first day, we had to walk up several flights of stairs; and while to the other attending guest who might have been bothered veterans, I was walking my way up to a heavenly opportunity. A woman stood at the door ready and waiting to greet us being that they were very strict with who was on the list which is normal. Once Lauren and I got checked off, we were asked to grab our badges and a daily chatter card.

These cards specified the daily events for every 2 hrs when a special guest would be arriving all pertaining to the Oscars as well as social media individuals that are seen as the highlights of success within the social media world. Ironically, I wasn’t particularly interested in the social media aspects though. I have very strong opinions as that of a blogger and actor who sees both sides of the spectrum, yet fully supports only one when it comes down to boundaries and setting limits.

I do not define people as “stars or celebrities “ when they just are not. I do not like how the industry has completely shifted and exaggerated  allowing for a new world to strip away the authenticity of a traditional system that once was. I support the craft and creative side to this global experiment, but not the unwarranted fame that simply gets handed down while subliminally snubbing all else. There’s just that fine line and unfortunately, it’s been completely erased. But I engaged and participated so that way my slight biased opinion could leave room for change. I will say that there was one individual blogger who altered my opinion based off her genuine approach with blogging.


Lauren and I, or well mainly myself, were so overwhelmed with excitement that I wanted to do everything. I was that child in a candy store that just wouldn’t sit the heck down. The venue was gorgeous. I had heard about the other one which just so happens to sit at an acquaintances office, but I wasn’t there to see it. So all I had to go off of was this location. A stage had been set up with a huge VFSC wall plastered on the side with couches and chairs circling around the guest speakers microphones. Couches and tables were centered in the room for our comfort with a decorative feel that felt like I was in IKEA; and this girl, me, can live in Ikea if they allowed me to. Towards the windows looked like I was walking into a modeling casting with all the agents hammering at their laptops selecting clients for the next gig.


An open bar with a shelf frame of glasses and bottles with a sparkling white counter catered an array of sliced fruits and mints for glass jugs of ice water or lemonade, and champagne, wine or cider beer by Stella Artois. During the morning, there’d also be tea and coffee to wake us up.

Now. Lets just talk about the gifting suit for a moment shall we. Close your eyes.  Though realistically keep them open to read. Just think of spending a ridiculous amount of time at the beauty counter trying to decide what your credit card wants to purchase. You want everything, everything that the sales shark is persisting that you take home to enjoy on your budget because they need that commission. You’ve got a few bills to pay but you hear that whisper in your ear saying, grace period. Your nerves are rattled because you have to make that impulsive decision and no one knows that your card is slightly at its max, but you’ve been able to manipulate the system of stretching the dollar amount of your husbands card. Buyers remorse is the worst so what’s the return policy. Yeah, I’m sure we’ve all been there and hey, I use to be a personal shopper at Nordstroms for years, so I understand.


But, what if you could get it all for free just as long as you tweet and instagram a few hashtags to be on your way with gifts in hand.

I need someone to pick me up off the floor please.Thank you.

I love free stuff. Not some sample size trinkets from the $1 store, no legitimate free things that you’d rather wait all year till it goes on sales even after the sale and back into the warehouse storage room. Everything that I took I thought of my mother and father as I like to share whatever little blessings I receive.

I’ve been to gifting suites like the Golden Globes GBK gifting , but I was on another persons turf. This was on another level with L’Oréal, Lancome, ViktorandRolf, YSL and Chrysler. The women keeping order at the counter and even outside were absolutely lovely. As many times as they had to see my face especially after I found out I was able to grab each color of a beauty product, I just hope they were generously rewarded themselves.


Writers for NWA Andrea Berloff and Johnathan Herman

Out of respect, which I highly respected, the line of women who were collecting all there gifts were cut off to take a seat or fall back from the line in order to listen to our guest panel. Now as I confidently stated, I wasn’t all that interested in the YouTubers or Viners and whatever else that just became invented, but the Oscars panel selection like NWA, the documentary of the beloved Amy Winehouse, Patricia Arquette, Mad Max Fury Road and Tangerine, that was who I wanted to see.


Mad Max: Fury Road make up artist Lesley Vanderwalt

In all my years of being in the entertainment business I’ve never actually involved myself into the awards season. It’s just something that I didn’t feel necessary that truly pertained to my life. Lifestyle yes. But watching awards never offered me a tangible opportunity. Rebel with a cause is what I’ve always been referred as.

After starting off an introduction to the first panel with one of the most admired women for VF Krista Smith alongside Dave Karger, Fandango; Franklin Leonard, TheBlackList; Bladimiar Norman, Skydance Media; and Anne Thompson, Indiewire, I mean…that just completely altered my perception of everything. I found love in an unfamiliar place.  I took in everything that they said. Why? Because I found something in this panel that possessed such a realness that I never saw. The world I had once  lived was dark and jaded, but they brought forth so much light that I was practically blinded by all its brightness.

They deliberated, they spoke truth and showed so much support in areas that from people looking in would only look past to see the glitz and glam of it all. I felt inspired. I felt that urge and sudden desire to jump right back into acting. Finish writing my screen plays that have been sitting unfinished on my memory stick from when I was seventeen. This brought me a new way of life that made me miss what once was before the jaded feeling.

Each day with these people in the industry brought on that exhilarating need and desire to continue where I left of six years ago while still creating this platform as a social blogger.


Throughout  the rest of the week Lauren and I took selfies, snap chats, which was more of her show, stood in line after every two gift items, flirted with the male model staff and made new social friends. We also pigged out on the rotating cycle of food setups on the counters, lunch as well as hors d’oeuvre being passed around on trays.

I unfortunately took the patio for granted. It was beautiful, but the scenery not so much being that I was looking at a passing train majority of the time; but the fashion on the other hand made up for that.


They say never judge a book by its cover, but it felt as if I was looking at the cover of walking fashion editorial magazines. I quickly stepped my game up and came correct the second day. I’m a simple girl with two closets that any stylist would want to get their hands on, but the only problem is that my styles are pretty eclectic and so is my attention span. It’s too much. So I myself admired the choice in fashion while keeping mine simple.

For the last two days, Vanity took things up a notch by incorporating a Flower Bomb photo sesh as well as a photo shoot with fashion model Sean O’pry. At this time Lauren and I had to attend another event, but once we found our way back to Vanity, we were ready to go.


The flower bomb was just beyond cute. A camera man was filming me the entire time as I did what I do best. Flirt with the camera and throw pink roses.This was the epitome of feeling pretty in pink.


Now Sean O’Pry on the other hand, in my mind I had already arranged how my photo shoot with him was going to go. A little bit of Maxim, Vogue and GQ.  Instead I just got a photo standing next to a hot model.


I have a thing for models and had been flirting all week long with the male staff so as much as it was all in my head, I enjoyed living in it for just a bit.

During happy hour is when we were really given the chance to mingle with other bloggers and media outlets. I had met the sweetest friend duo Hank Chen and Charlie Berens both who have found success in their careers of entertainment.


Hank who has had roles on the hit show Baby Daddy and other leads such as The Transparent and George Lopez while Charlie is a writer and host for @Hollywood . You know when you meet people and you just click. I mean like the popping sound of a snap. Yeah it was like that. At first I though they were lounging around an invisible pool working as if this was an everyday thing of their life. While here I am as a puppy outside of its cage; but  for some reason I admired them and their regal chill dressed down to undercover millionaires. I couldn’t help but to throw myself into a conversation with them when typically I tend to be more anti-social and an introverted from what is commonly perceived.

Make sure to socially follow them both at @Hanksterchen IG @Hanksterchen tweet and @CharlieBerens tweet

There were a lot of women and men all actively trying to to gain a better way into branding themselves with the guidance of the platform we were being offered to use.. A couple people were a bit too extreme for my taste and a few were a little socially detached while carrying a smug personality; and the vast majority shadowed their dark clouds with positive energy.


I preferred to surround myself with those who exuded positive vibes without the manipulation in the longevity of a lasting friendship or business relationship. I understand that it gets harder with social media allowing people to stray away from a time when writing a letter with just that of a pen and paper is outweighed by the simplicity of a keyboard and technology.


Overall, I had an amazing time that brought forth a type of ambition that would allow me to seek broader endeavors. The people I met and the things that I’ve learned gave me a greater value in my pursuit to personal happiness that I wouldn’t have been given had this not been in my universe.

So right now, I’m happy to have that individuality and that’s what VFSC empowered me even further to embody.



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