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You’ve come to realize that the truth is coming out and yet you insist on fighting against the uncomfortable feeling of uneasiness because you’ve been complacent and comfortable your entire life. In the words of Jane Elliott

“You know what’s happening, you don’t want it for you, I want to know why are you so willing to accept it and allow it to happen to others”


You’ve figured that what you don’t know won’t, nor can’t hurt you. You’ve figured that, what you don’t see will blind you. You figure that, what was not personally experienced, deters the idea from references of common knowledge. You figure, it’s not your problem, yet without contributions to a solution, you’d rather subconsciously remain the problem because you don’t want to accept there being a problem.


Some of the most Insightful and psychological videos of mind boggling people, who refuse to accept that they are a part of a racial system, include themselves into an analyzing social experiments similar to a video of Are Racist in Denial, just to prove that ignorance can become a disorder. Are you this disorder?

Children are taught that, what may differ from themselves and from those that can not change their differences, are thought we are ugly, inside and out, but are you their teachers?

You had a conniption fit when we had our first black president waiting for the day he could be assassinated. Finding any other reason to take away the idea that you’re just a blatant racist, but would you have urged the shooter?

You stray from the repetitive evidence that the history and truth, such as The Eve Gene; The System of Babylon; “Eating Bait”, Rastafari has been manipulated off of blatant lies of deception and contorted for the purpose of erasing what your ancestors might have done only to pass down to you through your wilderness of ignorance.


You found offense in the reality of an interracial family all because what is in real life isn’t ready for real television; yet as long as it’s pretend it’s tolerant to be okay.


You tried to silence our voices with Dear White People , and argue against pointless resentment where even now, you’ve found another reason to have an irrational protest.


Beyoncé made a cleverly politically and socially charged viral video with an exceptionally powerful performance at the Super Bowl, that reflected a portrayal on real life images from what has been and is, our Black History, from that of our past and our present. She marched in a formation, dressed in all black with her fellow black women in the shape of an X and has no apologies for what needed to be expressed.

Formation, a stance in standing ones ground against the odds and hardships that only one could understand when registering the depth of oppression.

No apologies for being a black woman married to a black man who birthed a black child, because you have been so content in her living in what is perceived to be a, “White American” concept. Light skinned with light hair is the, “slave, Massah, master mentality”, where one would pass in a white mans world while the deception of ignorance perceived the illusion that is to be acceptable. But now you’re upset because your ignorance betrayed you where she did not seek nor need your approval to fulfill her pride.

Comparing apples to oranges where an apple is smooth and red while an orange is lumpy and orange and yet, you consider it to be the same all because they’re both fruits.


You insult the way of history by comparing the Kkk with that of the Black Panthers trying to give any type of justifiable excuse to discredit the purpose of the organization from the other. Two different groups that stood for two different purposes. One bred to hunt for the sport of flesh and blood, while the other fought for equal rights and justice that had been deprived of them for centuries and generations.

But did you know there was a White panther formation affiliated through the march of their black peers; or an Asian Panther member who equally saw through their fears.

One was dismantled by the same government that took an oath to serve and protect while standing hand in hand with the corruption of our government for the spade of spade that it was, or is shall I say till this day.


It’s hard for you to read in between the lines because for so long what you’ve read was a version of myths. So now, anything that might contradict all that you thought you knew you fight against. Similar to the idea of the tooth fairy or Santa Claus until you came to terms that everything you were once told was never real.

Silly people, how does it feel that those you’ve been trying to hold down for so long and thought you’d have an advantage over, we’ve become the judge of your self-righteous character and your God can not save you now.


You are like those from my Freedom Writer . You fail to recognize the racism, bigotry and prejudice ordeal that have been carried out while you turn a blind eye. Your reflection is just a mirage of denial and responsibilities, but what you reflect is clear for everyone else to see.

You’ve perceived us as being dumb, ignorant or uneducated, when it all falls in the same category. You’ve referred to us as Niggers, dirty and useless when in all fairness these traits and qualifications are a pure example of your very own characters; or lack thereof.


Your ignorance stems from a lack of knowledge which makes you react and say foolish ignorant comments and remarks which in turn makes you sound brainless than you could’ve ever thought you were.

You’ve used dirty methods to intercept and deteriorate centuries of evidence from the strength in numbers of people who’ve found ways to fight back. You’ve become useless to the a society of progression because you don’t want what little power that’s been handed down to you to be equal or stripped away. You don’t want to grasp the idea of how a term was contorted from its original truth and meaning other than just a color, but the depictions of its nature is the definition of your lack of character. You repel the facts once they get to close for comfort like that of a bee sting while repeatedly making excuses to counter what’s visibly in clear view sight in order to outweigh your dirty conscience.


You have the gall to inform us of some mere simple minded information from that of, our very own history, which ironically is that same history out of the text books with missing pages you’ve only managed to plagiarize. In truth, we’ve been passed down our history from the roots of our bloodlines that has been spilled by your ancestors hands. You can’t tell us our history when it’s not yours to tell. You can’t start from the middle pages when there was a beginning to begin with. It’s easier to believe the corruption of lies rather than ask and search for answers that you aren’t prepared in knowing. Maybe your brain lacks enough space for that type of mental capacity. Maybe you don’t want to look like the dumbfounded fool you always were; and maybe there aren’t enough hours in a day or maybe just maybe you just don’t care.

How dare you manipulate the way of facts leaving one version to a story. The common debate of Africans selling their own into slavery, yet you can’t finish that sentence because that’s as far as you’ve read. You find irrelevance to Indentured Survitude, because you failed to see it ever existed. While the education system has persistently failed you, the justice system has consistently failed us.


What doesn’t include you becomes meaningless. The idea of having a White History Month when you’ve taken everything; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, historically and physically.

We’re clearly aware that we are not the only ones mistreated through slavery; we are well aware that the Holocaust, Irish and Native Americans suffered an immense amount of torturous hate and malice; and we’re aware that there are many dots that haven’t been fully connected, but we don’t “stomp the yard” in protest for their verbal freedom to reflect.

So why take on the responsibility if you didn’t have a hand in the past. Why become so defensive as if your conscience is guilty for what you didn’t do. Why box and generalize yourself as if there aren’t those few that wouldn’t want to be associated with the likes of your racially charged existence.

“But I’m not a racist” although I’ll protect one, not registering the context of it’s definition.


What is the issue in terms that you can not and will not accept. That we are moving forward in a time when more are fighting with us and for us instead of against us, and leaving you behind? That you can not control what you want to have to conform under your control? You want to be a part of something that doesn’t pertain to you. You refuse to take notes from those who know first hand from experience and see you through. You refuse to acknowledge that our past is a representation of our struggle leading to progression into our future. You argue that racism isn’t a problem when it clearly is; filter our words into those of your own as that of the cracking whip or the brunt of a baton stick. You feel that having pride in ourselves is anti to yours when you are possibly guilty by association to those you feel can do no wrong.

You try to deflect the nature of mutually seeing eye to eye, when truth be told, you’d rather stay ignorantly blinded from the basis that while we might have slowly progressed, we still haven’t fully healed in this time.


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