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Now that New York fashion week has wrapped up their final runway walks, Los Angeles locals are now making their way back for yet another grueling episode of what to wear.

Even though I like to keep my choices of style on the less eccentric side, gearing towards all black, there always seems to be those few fashion forward trend setters that inspire me to take a leap into a spiral of creative glory. For the most part, fashion week can be consumed with desperate individuals who crave fashion acceptance from those who barely know what to do with a casual white t-shirt and jeans. Everyone makes more of an effort trying to one up the next person, but very few can effortlessly pull off a look that speaks who they are as individuals within our fashion society.

This past week, I received an invite to an event hosted by no other than LA Fashion Week. Although fashion week in LA hasn’t officially started, REPRISE LAFW decided to show us a preview of selected looks from local Los Angeles designers.

Held at the W Hotel in Beverly Hills, I waited to meet up with my friend Anthony in the lobby until guest officially started to arrive. While waiting, I noticed some gawky young men and one woman with a camera that appeared straight out of a Dazed and Confused movie. I figured they were the band The KickBack that would be performing later into the evening, considering they were taking group shots with a flow of cameras lighting. I tried to sneak a quick shot for myself, but felt awkward coming across as some sort of a fan instead of a blogger, so I waited patiently.

Once Anthony arrived, we walked into the living room bar where they served guest complimentary drinks by Peroni, and fashion served by artistic creators.

The first installation, was gathered by guest in the lobby walkway with a presentation of three models. While I may not see myself walking around as a disco theme party, I did admire one particular look on the gorgeous blonde pairing her outfit with a look of my own.
The installation lasted for a period of time,until we made our way back towards the bar to grab a few drinks. That’s where I set my eyes on this Afro chic duo, Tatianna and Kuhdii.

Tatiannas style if from online store boohoo, while Kudii personally designed her very own look. Follow @kuhdii @ill.assnanimonroe

I admired their Afrocentric vibes mixed with urban flair and originality. Coming from an inspired place of living in melanin skin and pride of ones background, I can only feel empowered by my own skin in how they portray the strength of Black women in fashion and uniqueness.

Drinks were flowing throughout the bar while another installation took place on the main stage. More looks inspired from the 70s era of a night out at Studio 54. Now, the dresses I could definitely go for in an up to date more modern tone, with what I might wear for a girls night out at an upscale environment for a socialite.

They engaged the crowd by reenacting a band using the stage as their prop in order to play off each pose, which made their installation more appealing to our interest.

While the crowd continued to grow with photographers, fashionistas and other guest, a third installment of looks from local designers took place outside on the back deck. While I can appreciate the ambition in a persons vision, not all is met equally as what might catch my attention beyond what designers seek to achieve.

Two models, just so happened to stand out more than the rock star glitter and shimmery fabric. I found them both captivating, while one had a sense of angelic innocence and the other an androgynous beauty.
Anthony and I wandered throughout the room socializing with other guest, and taking mental notes as we came across more trendsetters.

Fur Jacket from Wasteland 

Keona was another party goer who I actually took aside because of her faux fur jacket. With faux furs, you can either wear it for the purpose of style or to keep warm, but not too many know how to pull one off without looking like they came from a slaughter house or from being pimped out on the side corner of a street. If you’re able to meet somewhere in the middle creating a stylish feel, then you’ve got the look down.

While faux furs might not be the real deal running you into spending thousands of dollars, they can still be pretty pricey unless you know how to find a bargain; and that’s exactly what she did.

As the night was coming to an end, The KickBack took to the stage to perform. I’d have to say their music wasn’t all that bad being that I’ve never particularly heard of them.
The theme for the evening  played off of the bands personal choice in style, so not too sure if that’ll become the pattern for what appears on the runways this season for Fashion Week, but a little disco groove and Saturday night fever could be the new edge.

We’ll just have to see!

For more information on these local Los Angeles designers and LA fashion week, but only if you’re in the knowledge and industry of fashion follow



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